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25-Jan-2018 10:29

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Some 73 percent of those surveyed said encouraging polygamy was a reasonable solution to the spinster crisis -- and 59 percent of women surveyed agreed.

For Emirati writer and journalist Al-Saad al-Minhali, however, polygamy is not the answer. "Marriage is a personal choice and should not be used to satisfy a national agenda." We are doing what BBC, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media can't - disrupting the global newsflow with a unique digital media about the Middle East and North Africa.

"It's impossible to reconcile work and family life." A survey of 200 medical students at the UAE University showed that 57 percent of respondents believed a desire to pursue higher education and a career were the main reasons why UAE women are not marrying before 30.

The students, however, said they would not classify a woman as an "old maid" until she is 32.

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Some families refuse to marry off "their younger daughter before the first-born," while still others will not allow their children to marry into a family of "lower social status", Kitbi said.

Some of the most interesting statistics from a separate survey of 200 medical students show that many men and women believe polygamy may be the solution.

The government has imposed a ,000 ceiling on dowries, but many families still demand much more -- in some cases over 5,000.

And if she insists, he would rather that she do so part-time only.

"Most men who succeed in their lives have wives who do not work, or do so from home," Mansouri said.

By UAE standards, you are now considered to be an old maid.

The problem, authorities in the Gulf state say, is that more and more women fall into this category: some 60 percent, according to the latest statistics, raising concerns among officials and sparking online debates as to why.

"We're a little lost between tradition and modernity," said Wafa Khalfan, a single Emirati in her twenties.

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