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A boy, she says, forced his number into her purse at a wedding. She was annoyed at first, but when they spoke he seemed so dedicated, so nice.

Young people wish “you and your family a ‘Happy Valentine’s’” on Facebook and in text messages as if it’s a national holiday.

There are over 2 million new internet users, one million people with a 3G phone service, 89 television channels, and 232 FM radio stations.

It’s hard to exaggerate just how much this growth has affected everything in Afghan life, maybe especially dating.

Kabul, a city designed for only two million people, now has an estimated population of over four million and more than 650,000 vehicles for narrow streets designed for only 30,000.

Roundabouts are chaotic: sweat, frustration, and screaming fights as drivers, crosscutting, curse each other’s mothers.

The girl’s family would always know what was going on, of course. The reciprocity of the family’s interest could be gauged in how presentable the girl was, how courteous and hospitable she was instructed to act.