Internet dating for artists

09-Jul-2017 21:14

Some scam artists use bogus profiles to con the people they meet out of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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For example, in the fascinating "flower basket" con, a profile representing an "attractive mid-aged man" contacts a middle-aged woman and, over time, develops an entirely online romantic relationship with her.A scammer may beg for hundreds or thousands of dollars, claiming a family member became suddenly ill, he or she was robbed, or the person is having difficulty obtaining travel documents after spending all his or her money on a plane ticket to visit you.

If we are loving and valuing ourselves, then we can thoroughly enjoy our solitude, and also connect with others when others are open to connection. Anything you do or your partner does that disconnects you from yourself and/or your partner may create loneliness.… continue reading »

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There have been versions by such well-known artists as Frank Sinatra (Capitol, 1960), Elvis Presley (in his movie Double Trouble), Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald (on her 1967 Verve album Whisper Not).… continue reading »

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This law allowed the government to closely monitor telephone calls, emails, and other personal data. … continue reading »

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