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Regardless of the hurt he has caused her, Ellen is still undeniably in love with him and still fully unaware that her best friend's youngest son Col is the son of her husband.

Cora, on the other hand, is struggling with life still, and still depressed over the horrible guilt she has never been able to reveal to her friend the truth of her son's paternity.

Humiliated, Ellen throws everyone out including Cora, and locks herself in her flat for days, becoming horribly depressed over the fact Cora had the son with Daniel that Ellen had always wanted.

Daniel returns to Ellen following the dinner party although he finds immediately that he is unwelcome and Ellen doesn't want anything to do with him anymore.

Not long into their marriage Ellen's hopes of having a family are forced out of the picture when Daniel reveals he doesn't want children.

Despite being married, Daniel is still womanizing and gambling excessively (even stealing money from Ellen's purse).

Daniel shows up at the pub to deliberately seduce Cora fully aware that the woman doesn't know what he looks like.

After the one night stand, Cora is horrified when Daniel turns up at the café where she works and kisses Ellen in front of her; even more horrifying is the realization she has become pregnant once again, this time to her best-friend's husband.

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Daniel, however, picks up the phone as Ellen is out.In the meantime, Cora develops a relationship with Ellen's co-worker Stanley and begins to feel more confident within herself and what she wants from life after a near-death experience.Finally she works up the courage to go to Ellen and apologise.Ellen invites Daniel to meet her very prim and proper mother who is instantly reviled by Daniel's revelation that he is writing a dissertation on the post-coital discussions women have with men after sleeping with them.

Despite her mother's attempt to talk Ellen into dumping Daniel, Ellen decides to accept Daniel's marriage proposal and soon weds him, delighted with his wedding gift of a purple velvet Victorian style couch.After a confrontation with Daniel after she discovers he has been cheating on her, Ellen walks out and goes to the pub to think things over where she meets heavily pregnant Cora.