Rails 3 2 counter cache not updating Adult sex chat live and free

29-Sep-2017 01:14

When we first launched our rewrite of Wanelo in Rails, displaying counts was simple.To display the number of saves a user has in the view, we just call , right?A well known solution to this problem is provided by Rails in the form of counter cache feature in Active Record. Our traffic keeps growing and we start to notice occasional deadlocks in our database looking like this: What now?You are supposed to add the counter cache column, tell Rails what it is, and the rest is taken care of. We're now in a situation when the same rows are being updated at the same time or close to the same time.

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This works for a while but then our traffic grows, we get more data, and more users.

One of the most important things people do on Wanelo is – save products.